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Authentic street tacos made by genuine people.

What we stand for at rusty taco

We believe in making tacos the most important meal of the day.
We do that by holding our team members to these core values.
Down to Earth
We embrace your individuality and encourage you to be and to come as you are…we are real people serving real people.
Fun-loving, optimistic and don't take ourselves too seriously. We are here to make sure our customers have a good time!
Uncomplicated, simple, accessible, and come as you are vibe.
Caring deeply about who we are, where we work and what we do.
Community Minded
A local gathering place where we continue to grow but feel small. 
Rusty Taco Lives on in Rusty’s Memory “One day, we found a taco place that was at a gas station and we thought it was the coolest thing in the world. We said, ‘Why don’t we do that some day.'” 
Lisa Solomon
Denise Fenton, Brand Director, Rusty Taco

Rusty Taco Returns to its Roots With Name Change

R Taco, named after founder Rusty Fenton and known for its authentic street-style tacos, is officially returning to its original name: Rusty Taco.
-  By, Raj Prashad
The Five Words Conner Cupit Remembers From His
​​​​​​​Friend Rusty
“We sat down on the patio and talked for about two hours. Rusty just had this larger than life persona, and I loved his passion for making people happy and doing it through Rusty Taco.”
Conner Cupit, Rusty Taco franchisee